How to keep puppy awake before bedtime?

Something to remember about puppies is that they need sleep – lots of it, just like babies. Your puppy will need about 18-19 hours sleep in every 24. So only expect 4 to 5 hours of being awake and only about an hour at a time. If they’re kept awake and playing, you could both be heading for a stressful time.

Should I keep my puppy awake before bed time?

No, you should not let your puppy sleep in the few hours leading up before bedtime. If you do, he might be energetic when it’s your time to go to bed, and when he should be learning a bedtime routine too.

How to keep puppy awake before bedtime tips

1.Pre-bedtime activities for puppy

The “Calming Trifecta” consists of licking, chewing, and sniffing, all of which have calming properties. These things can be used to help a puppy calm down and relax before going to sleep.

Your dog will find comfort in the familiarity of these activities (much as activities like knitting are for us). Indoors, you can use the snuffle mat I described above, or you can distribute your dog’s food in the grass for them to find. Using a licking mat with peanut butter or wet food smeared on it, you can extend the life of your puppy’s meal in the freezer.

2.Tire Her Out

One of the most effective ways to keep a puppy busy is to exercise her. Although puppies love to sleep, they also enjoy walking with their owners, playing with them, and running around.

Why not take advantage of that to keep yours up a little longer before she has to sleep for the night?

There are countless things to do that will get your little guy active.

If you can, walk her around the block and let her explore the world around her. Nothing too intense as the little fella’s bones are still developing at this stage. Steer clear of marathon runs and high jumping.

If you don’t have the luxury of taking the dog out to burn off some pent-up energy, engage in a game of fetch with her. A game of tug of war is also excellent as is chasing a flirt pole.

Spend 10-20 minutes of play with the pup either inside or outside a number of times before bedtime. Not only will this tire her out but it will add to her daily exercise needs. Plus, it will also help clear the pipes, making her sufficiently ready for bed.

3.Evening Puppy Exercise

Spend a good 10–20 minutes playing with your pup (outside or inside) a couple of times during the evening. Play a game of tug or get them interested in chasing a flirt pole. Not only will this tire them out, but it will also give them some important physical exercise. It’ll also help get things moving to help them “clear the pipes” before bedtime.

Let your kids and other members of the family play with the dog if it is possible.



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