Large dogs should wear a leash when they go out. How do we choose a leash reasonably? How to select large dog leashes? Frequent use can reduce the dog’s sense of rejection of the leash.

large dog leashes

1. leashes classification

There are many styles of large dog leashes on the market, and there are different classifications according to different classification standards. Different types have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to the actual situation of the dog, choose a leash suitable for the dog.

Polyester Dog Harness: The chest strap lock position is on the back. When the owner is towing, the focus is more scattered, and the more naughty dog is not so burdened.

Dog leash and collar: It can increase the owner’s control of the dog, but it is easy to cause damage to the dog’s neck. The collar can be worn on the dog for a long time, and the dog can also be used as an identity card on the collar to prevent it from being lost. However, long-term matching has an effect on the growth of that part of the dog’s hair, and it is easy to become knotted.


P shape dog leash:  Simple, easy to dislodge the traction, but compared to the collar type, apart from the traction attribute, there is no anti-lost identity information.

2. Leashes Material

Leather material: The leather tow rope is more comfortable and durable. Leather collars made of cowhide have a long service life and are close to the dog’s skin. After the oil in the dog’s body penetrates, the leather will be shiny, soft and tough, and the service life will be correspondingly longer.


Nylon material: nylon rope dog leash with mesh are strong, soft, and relatively inexpensive.


Chemical fiber material: Variety of styles, rich color decoration. The durability is worse than leather, but the price is cheaper. If there is no account of the tensile requirements, chemical fiber materials are a good choice.


3. Use Leashes Attention Points


For small dogs and puppies, it is recommended to choose a Polyester Dog Harness. The Polyester Dog Harness has a large contact surface with the dog, and the relative force is dispersed, which will provide better protection for the dog. For medium and large dogs, you can choose between the yoke collar type and the P chain type. The tightening pressure of the collar will cause the dog’s neck to bend naturally, which can be very effective in controlling them.


Medium and large dogs have higher requirements for the material of the dog leashes, and it is generally recommended to choose leather. But it is undeniable that leather also has different qualities, and the quality of nylon and chemical fiber is not necessarily worse than that of leather. Those with relatively small physique and low requirements for pulling force and materials can choose the ones with reliable quality according to their own preferences.


Do you want to choose a retractable towing rope? Due to the large strength of medium and large dogs, it is recommended to buy fixed collar dog leashes, which is easier to control when encountering unexpected situations. If the dog is smaller and more obedient, you can choose the kind of retractable dog leashes. You can control the length of the dog leashes through the button in your hand, but it is not recommended to not exceed 2 meters. The longer the rope, the more difficult it is to control the dog.


Some dogs will have the habit of chewing on the leash. If you see it, you must guide them in time. If you let it go for a long time, although it will not be a big problem in the past, you may have to change it in three or two days. It’s a dog leash. Finally, remind everyone not to wear a collar for a long time. You must untie the collar for a long time and arrange the hair under the collar to prevent the hair on the neck part from being compacted, causing the hair around the neck to fall off and lose the original rich feeling. , Affect the beauty.

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