Dogs also need to be combed, clipped, brushed and bathed. Like a pet dog, the owner certainly does not want the dog to carry a pile of parasites at home, do not comb hair, cut nails, brush teeth, take a bath, and easily get sick. But at least the most basic beauty care, the owner can help the dog to do, which will also make the dog cleaner and healthier.

Five Tips for Take Care of a Dog

1. Brush your dog

Most dogs love grooming, and brushing your dog on a regular basis will strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog, as well as give your dog’s coat shine and beauty. Long-haired dogs should be brushed daily to prevent tangles, short-haired dogs can be brushed once a week, during shedding season to help prevent hair from flying around the house. When grooming dogs, you can also check their skin for any problems, early detection, and early solution.
Brush your dog

2. Nail trim

A lot of dogs don’t like to have their nails trimmed, because they cut their nails to the blood line and have a psychological shadow. Dog owners find it troublesome to cut their dog’s nails because dogs often don’t cooperate and it takes a long time, so we need to choose dog nail clippers.
Dogs develop an aversion to nail clippings once they are cut into blood. The best way to avoid this is to learn how to properly trim your dog’s nails and be careful.
Nail trim

3. Take a shower

Bathing a dog is really time-consuming, even for a teddy, it takes nearly two hours. Most dogs need a bath only if they look dirty or itchy. Many people like to bathe their dogs once a month. Washing once a week is relatively frequent, no special circumstances, the frequency can not be more than once a week, otherwise, the dog may get a skin disease. Use a special body wash for your dog, but always rinse well. After the bath, remember to blow dry, Alaskans, golden retrievers, and other long-haired dogs, remember to lift the outer coat to see if the inside is dry. In fact, the most time-consuming thing is to blow the dog hair, but please be patient, dog hair dry and also easy skin disease.
Take a shower

4. Cleans the ear

If the owner helps the dog to bathe, not dry the dog’s ears, resulting in water, a long time stuffy wet ear canal inside easily grows bacteria. All lop-ear breeds are at higher risk of infection, but those that enjoy swimming and are prone to allergies, such as poodles and Labradors, are particularly susceptible. Routine deep cleaning can be done once a month and done before showering. But also according to the specific situation, you can measure weekly cleaning once. However, in the case of Otis external, ear mites and other problems, the frequency of cleaning must be discussed with the veterinarian, depending on the infection.
Cleans the ear

5. Brush Teeth

AVMA says that although the best dental care for a dog is daily brushing, only about 2 percent of dog owners follow through. As a result, many dogs have many dental diseases and even lose all their teeth when they get old. Many pet owners think bad breath comes naturally to their dogs, but dogs don’t take it for granted. When a dog has bad breath, it may be the beginning of the periodontal disease. From a certain point of view, whether a dog has bad breath can also be seen as a barometer of dog’s oral health. Brush your dog’s teeth every day to prevent possible dog-tooth disease.
brush teeth

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