Why Dog Breathing Fast While Sleeping?

dogs sleeping

dogs sleeping

Dogs breathe in and out very fast when they’re sleeping, which can make them look like they’re panting. This phenomenon is called sleep apnea, and it’s a common problem that can be treated with surgery or medication. In this article, we’ll explore what sleep apnea is, the different types of it, and the treatments available.

Causes of Dog Breathing Fast While Sleeping

A dog may breathe fast while sleeping if he is anxious or nervous. Dogs that sleep on their backs often inhale deeply due to the increased exposure to the surface of the earth. If your dog sleeps with you, he may also be breathing fast because of close contact with you. Another possible cause is if your dog has a respiratory infection. If your dog is panting or has a fever, take him to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Home remedies for dog breathing fast while sleeping

There are a few natural remedies that can help to slow down a dog’s breathing when they are sleeping. Some simple things you can do include: putting your dog in a cool room, providing them with plenty of water, and using a humidifier to increase the moisture in the air. Additionally, you may want to consider giving them chew toys or treats to keep their mouth busy, since they will likely be restless and anxious. If your dog is exhibiting other symptoms such as panting excessively or having difficulty breathing, then it is advisable to seek veterinary assistance.

Vet recommended treatments for dog breathing fast while sleeping

Many dogs get breathing problems during sleep, including panting, snoring, and rapid breathing. Here are some recommended treatments from a veterinarian:

-Check for medical causes such as a blockage in the nose or throat, asthma, or bronchitis. Treatments may include antibiotics, steroids, or surgery.

-Take your dog for a walk at dusk or dawn to help them cool down and get some exercise.

-Set up a comfortable bed for your dog inside or outside. Place an open window nearby so they can breathe fresh air.

-Try propolis extract (a natural remedy found in some health food stores) or garlic capsules to soothe the throat and ease breathing problems.


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